Showing the Rhythm

Sometimes dance can be the most effective way to articulate a thought not expressible with words. In this article, a Royal Ballet rehearsal demonstrates how dancers communicate these ideas with each other, and how they

Roser Munoz: Working with Uwe Scholz

The dancer sweeps and glides across the stage, carried by her partner. When they separate, she reaches toward him with a melancholy resignation. Finally, she is left alone, looking out

The Idea Machine

Johannes Held is full of unique ideas. The most recent, “Winterreise Staged,” opens the lied genre up to a broader audience. He pulls an oversized black duffel bag on wheels, built for carrying a

The Experiment

Dancer Corina Kinnear leads a project at Tanzfabrik studios in Berlin Kreuzberg What happens when you take a group of dancers who have never worked together, provide a studio space,